IPD unit

International Patients Unit

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Free consultation
In-person and virtual consultations with doctors.
Top doctors and surgeons.
Utilizing the most prominent specialists and surgeons.
Modern and advanced medical equipment.
Services utilizing advanced medical devices.
Hotel reservation process follow-up.
Reviewing and completing hotel reservation procedures.
Facilities and suitable space.
Welfare facilities and desirable space.

Dr. Kamali

  • Continuous Presence in the International Patients Unit
  • Reception of International Patients Upon Arrival at the Hospital
  • Providing Necessary Information to International Patients Regarding Hospital Services and Facilities
  • Coordination and Arrangements for the Admission of International Patients at the Hospital
  • Informing the IPD Physician and Attending Physician During the Hospitalization of an International Patient
  • Guidance and Introduction of International Patients to the Inpatient Ward for International Patients
  • Coordination with the Health Tourism Specialist at the University of Medical Sciences
  • Assistance in Translation and Facilitating Communication between International Patients and Medical/Nursing Staff During Hospitalization
  • Conducting Necessary Interdepartmental Coordination in the Clinic to Facilitate and Expedite the Provision of Services to International Patients.
  • Evaluation and Enhancement of International Patient Satisfaction During Hospital Stay
  • Execution of Necessary Actions and Coordination During the Discharge of International Patients.
  • Performing Necessary Coordination with Travel Services Company or Office.
  • Recording International Patient Information in the Health Tourism System and the Ministry of Health.

Doctor Khayami

  • Patient visit in the first hour of admission
  • Coordination with the treating physician and obtaining initial instructions.
  • Coordination with the ward supervisor and the nursing office for the implementation of paraclinical procedures and patient consultations in the fastest possible time.
  • Daily patient visit
  • Follow-up on emergency events that may occur for the patient within 24 hours.
  • Providing sufficient information to the patient about the complaint procedure.

Mrs. Kamkar

  • Full coordination with IPD specialist.
  • Receiving the patient from the IPD specialist.
  • Providing medical services in coordination with the treating physician.
  • Providing necessary training to the patient during the receipt of relevant services.
  • Completing documents related to the provision of nursing services in the patient’s file.
  • Performing discharge procedures in coordination with the IPD specialist.

Contacting the IPD (Inpatient Department) section


Service tariffs

Specialized IPD (Inpatient Department) department

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeries

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty, ear surgeries

Starting from $2000

Cosmetic and general surgeries

Facial and body cosmetic plastic surgery

Starting from $3000

Jaw and face surgeries

Jaw cosmetic surgery, implant, chin prosthesis

Starting from $4000

Medical visa

City transportation

Translator, patient companion

Coordination with the doctor

Bank credit cards